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Issue no. 32-35
Theme: A companion to Goat Island's "When will the september roses bloom? Last night was only a comedy"
Editor(s): Marin Blazević, Matthew Goulish
Language: English
Writing about /theatrical/ performance /art/ is always a disturbing challenge and an inevitable defeat. At some point, each act of writing about performance faces the fact of its inadequacy. The greater the awareness of this fact, the greater the challenge, the greater the defeat: writing is inadequate because it deals with the invisible, transitory, inaccessible: a large part of the process of creation still remains outside the gaze, the time, intensity and experience of the particular, " immediately actual" (Bert O. States) performance: and that performance itself is always already disappearing: it becomes itself through disappearance": the written word always already betrays and lessens the promise" of the ontology of performance (as it is radically marked by Peggy Phelan). FRAKCIJA decided to follow as far as possible /in proximity of performance/ the process of creating a performance, to co-operate through texts, photographies, drawings that come about in the process and alongside the process, as reflections of those witnessing the respective stages of the work (Part One): to accompany the life of performance in front of its audience: to explore how is a performance performed after it has actually been performed, that is in the stage/or even, on the stage/ of reception, emotional experience and REFLECTION (Part Two)