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Issue no. 39 - 40
Theme: On Labor, Institutions and Virtuosity
Editor(s): Goran Sergej Pristas, Ivana Ivkovic, Oliver Frljic
Language: English, Croatian
Labor, institutions and virtuosity are the constant themes that the Center for Drama Art has been engaged in with other organizations within the collaborative platform Zagreb Cultural Kapital Europe 3000.
In this double issue we present a series of texts that have emerged within projects grouped under the title On Labor or with projects and themes that have been presented during the past two years. The program On Labor deals with a phenomenon that disappeared from the list of discussions in postsocialist societies, and what has become extremely important today in art and cultural production in a world of dominant affective labor (management, communications, marketing, media) that takes its practical forms precisely from the experiences of artistic production. The other paradox is that artistic labor simultaneously appears in both material and non-material form. The problem of labor is an important connection between the various spheres of human engagement and opens up a field of possibilities and their structural integration. Just as art, politics, labor management, law, etc. are mainly linked to present-day market interests, the opening of this theme brings into focus the dialogue concerning the connecting of artists, institutions and the private sphere on a dynamic production plan and not only presentation and the market. With this double issue Frakcija becomes a part of the documenta 12 publications project which gathers over 70 journals, publications and on-line publications in the world (