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Issue no. 51 - 52
Theme: What To Affirm? What To Perform?
Editor(s): Goran Sergej Pristas, Ivana Ivkovic
Language: Croatian, English
“What To Affirm? What To Perform?” is a joint project of the Centre for Drama Art (Zagreb), Maska (Ljubljana), Tanzquartier (Vienna) and Allianz Kulturstifftung. It affirms the situations and mechanisms of historical presence of choreographic thinking in a non-institutional environment, researching the ways dance established specific strategies of self-organization, self-eduction and political activation. The history of dance is not understood here as an institutional history with its developed white areas and black spots, which comes very (suspiciously enough) close to the geopolitical mapping of the Western world. What interests us is precisely this 'different history', which Derrida defines as the "history of paradoxical laws and non-dialectical discontinuities, a history of absolutely heterogeneous pockets, irreducible particularities, of unheard of and incalculable sexual differences…". What should should be done is to map the spaces and the articulation of bodies differently, to disclose the history of events and the affirmations of dance through other forms. Such history can reveal that the history of dance in the East has existed all the time, but as the domain of material, bodily transition of genres and recognized forms.

  • Oliver Frljic “100”
  • Samo Gosaric “A Walk Through Walking Performances by the OHO Group (1965-70)”
  • Bojana Cvejic “Notes on Cinematic Procedures in Contemporary Choreography”
  • Ric Allsopp “Shifting Attention: 21st Century Poetics”
  • Marko Kostanic “Regimes of Attention: Value, Image, Movement”
  • Tanja Vrvilo “Film by Ivan Martinac: Tactility in Splices”
  • Domenico Quaranta “Re:akt! Things that Happen Twice”
  • Astrid Peterle “Reenactments of Performances and the Potential of Calculated Failure”
  • Franz Anton Cramer / Janez Jansa “How can we create monuments of dance?”
  • Sanja Ivekovic, Sonja Pregrad “5 YES’s for Reenactment”
  • Bojana Kunst “The Voice of the Dancing Body”
  • Helmut Ploebst “blago bung bosso fataka”
  • Marjana Krajac, with Iva Korencic, Dalibor Davidovic and Marko Kostanic “Forensics and Fugue for the Folder”
  • Tanja Vrvilo “Film Mutations: The festival of invisible cinema”
  • Marjana Krajac “The Book 2008” (interviews with Barbara Matijevic, Matija Ferlin, Nikolina Pristas, OOUR - Selma Banich & Sandra Banic)

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