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Issue no. 53 - 54
Theme: Process:Music
Editor(s): Ksenija Stevanovic, Petar Milat, Ivana Ivkovic
Language: Croatian, English
Someone must have been telling tales about Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested. (Kafka, The Trial)

At the beginning there was an encounter, accidental or not. In Zagreb, in the early 1960's, Orson Welles was shooting parts of The Trial based on the writing of Franz Kafka.
A kind of rumor, a tale, was burned into the memory of a city that at the time feverishly invested itself into modernism. Among those newly founded institutions the Zagreb Music Biennale has played a significant role. Almost four decades later, in April 2009 the Process:Music program within the 25th Music Biennale, has sought to take a step back, to (dis)orient itself in regard to the meeting that has brought together two major 20th century artists and a city, by mere coincidence or not.

Six invited musicians and philosophers had not been given any strict specification whatsoever, just a formal indication in the guise of a rumor, gossip, hearsay or a tale to tackle (embark upon) an encounter that has materialized itself as a movie.
Their interventions and new, additional, contributions in this issue of Frakcija Journal represent philosophical, musical and cinematic accounts inspired by and taken over by a tale, gossip, hearsay or a even a lie. Momentarily. By chance, or not.

  • Peter Szendy "Before the image, before the screen, before the law"
  • Mladen Dolar "The Trials of Citizen K."
  • Alexander García Düttmann "Kafka and the Life of the Letter"
  • Alessandro Bosetti & Alexander García Düttmann (a conversation)
  • Pavle Levi "Cinema/Phantasm"
  • Thomas Köner, in conversation with Ivana Neimarevic?
  • Stephan Mathieu, in conversation with Ksenija Stevanovic?
  • Leonardo Kovac?evic? "Philosopher’s Revenge"
  • Owen Hatherley, in conversation with Marko Kostanic?
  • Marina Garcés "A World between Us"
  • Maroje Mrduljaš "Frakcija – Challenges of the Periodical as a Form"