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Issue no. 56 - 57
Theme: Playwriting 00
Editor(s): Jasna Zmak, Goran Fercec
Language: English, Croatian
The double zero that we have used in the title indicates the beginning of the new millennium as the starting point from which we have tried to grasp the subject of playwriting and to find a common denominator for the texts; however, it also implies a new, double beginning of the generational countdown within which we are presenting six individual authors and one duo involved in writing for theatre in Croatia today. We use the term theatre with a specific purpose, namely to emphasize the gap between the themes that have recently been the focus of our journal for performing arts and the thematic issue that is now in your hands. We believe that the fusion of Frakcija and playwriting – an apparent paradox – may be justified precisely by the (in)visibility of playwriting in today’s Croatia. After all, Frakcija has always had a thing for the invisible. That is sustained by the fact that most of the dramatic texts that we are presenting could not be printed in their integral form; instead, we have (somewhat metaphorically and with a single exception) opted for printing their endings.

Along with these dramatic endings, we are bringing the interviews that the authors have conducted with each other, reflecting on their own work, the position of dramatic authors and writing, academic institutions, cultural policies, doubts, wishes, and disappointments that emerge between the lines of their personal writings.

Rona Zulj
Vedrana Klepica
Anica Tomic & Jelena Kovacic
Maja Sviben
Ivor Martinic
Lana Saric
Goran Fercec & Jasna Zmak
Goran Pavlic
Petar Sarjanovic
Antonija Letinic
Marko Kostanic