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Issue no. 58 - 59
Theme: to be moved
Editor(s): Una Bauer
Language: English, Croatian
Frakcija: to be moved is an eclectic issue composed of works circling around terms related to emotions, their representation, affects, relations and movements, or situations where these terms linger like ghosts penetrating the fabric of the text. They are often opposed in their basic assumptions, and differ both in their viewpoints and style.

  • Editorial (Una Bauer)
  • Emotion, Brecht, Empathy vs. Sympathy (Darko Suvin)
  • Beyond Heroism and Towards Shared Vulnerability: Re-imagining Canada’s Affective Deployment of Mourning in Response to Afghan War Deaths (Helene Vosters)
  • Walking Backwards: Choreographic Images, Forgetting and the Utopia of the Present (Ric Allsopp)
  • On the Shameful History of the Amateur (Nicholas Ridout)
  • Production of Relations as an Art Medium: on the Artistic Practices of Andreja Kuluncic (Vesna Vukovic)
  • Suspended Work of Certainty – A Spectator’s Preference Regarding the Performance Work Every Day (Tomislav Medak)
  • Audio Obscura, or ‘Dread in the Fallen City’ (Louise Owen)
  • Drafts of the Excavated Past (Antonija Letinic)
  • Choreographing Relations – Relating Choreographies (Stefan Hölscher)
  • Where You are Not – the Loss of Tom Lubbock’s Words (Sarah Wishart)
  • Theatre as the Home of the Affective (Dis)Obedience (Lada Cale Feldman, Andrea Zlatar, Nataša Govedic, Katarina Kolega)