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Issue no. 64 - 65
Theme: The Art of the Concept
Editor(s): Nathan Brown and Petar Milat
Language: English, Croatian

This issue of Frakcija Performing Arts Journal is the reader of conference "The Art of the Concept", held in June 2012 at MaMa in Zagreb. Following "21st Century Materialism" (2009) and "To Have Done with Life" (2011) it was the third in an ongoing series of conferences, "Conjuncture", coordinated by Nathan Brown and Petar Milat. The Art of the Concept was also the introductory event for Aesthetic Education Expanded – a partner project run by Multimedia Institute,, Kontrapunkt, Berliner Gazette and Mute.

  • Nathan Brown "The Art of the Concept"
  • Michel Chion "The Lost Gesture"
  • Martin Hägglund "Dying for Time: T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets"
  • Alexander García Düttmann "Judging in Art"
  • Evan Calder Williams "The Good, The Bad, and the Pseudo"
  • Alexi Kukuljevic "More or Less Art, More or Less a Commodity, More or Less an Object, More or Less a Subject - The Readymade and the Artist"
  • Robert S. Lehman "The Persistence of the Aesthetic"
  • Amanda Beech "Traversing the Paradigm Concept without Difference, Image without Art."
  • Vera Bühlmann "Articulating Quantities: When Things Depend on Whatever Can Be the Case"
  • Audrey Wasser "What is a Literary Problem? Proust, Beckett, Deleuze"